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Thursday, September 23, 2021
Sitting in the backyard on a September evening watching ants and listening to the cicada.
My small collection of solar powered toys brings life to the home office.
Taking care of three things at once. Reclaiming water, controlling mosquitoes, and watering the garden.
Did I just find a trapped soul on my shelf, or am I just seeing things?
I had a bad case of cat in lap yesterday. He was sleeping so soundly I just didn't have the heart to get up.
Another day at the office waiting for the coffee.
[anchor.fm/blogoklahoma] August 5, 2021 - update on my new computer and taking the time to organize my notes into Notion.
[anchor.fm/blogoklahoma] July 25, 2021 - Was going to record a new episode today, but my laptop had other plans.
Sorry about all the quite lately. I’m in the middle of a major work project. So that means I’ve had to set a lot of my personal projects, like the podcast, off to the side for now. ...
Podcast delayed again. Craaaap! My laptop won’t cooperate today. Giving up.
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Welcome to Blog Oklahoma

On July 23, 2003, I launched the Blog Oklahoma Web Ring for Oklahoma bloggers. It wasn't long until the web ring grew into a large, interesting, and diverse community of Oklahoma bloggers. However, as the internet evolved, more people moved away from blogging and instead focused on social media. Change is the nature of things, so it was time to move on. On February 1, 2021, I officially sunset the Blog Oklahoma Web Ring. In its place is this new landing page until the next evolution of Blog Oklahoma is launched. I hope you find this site useful until then. — K. Latham

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