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Blog Oklahoma is about life in Oklahoma.
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Blog Oklahoma 577
Blog | May 31, 2023
I almost missed an important anniversary. The Blog Oklahoma Podcast began 15 years ago yesterday (May 30, 2008).
Blog Oklahoma 576
Blog Oklahoma Podcast | March 26, 2023
Let me introduce you to Oklahoma's other famous route, the Jefferson Highway.
Blog Oklahoma 574
Blog Oklahoma Podcast | February 26, 2023
On Tuesday, March 7, 2023, Oklahomans are asked vote on State Question 820: Recreational Marijuana Legalization Initiative. So let’s talk about it here in this special edition of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast.
Blog Oklahoma 573
Blog Oklahoma Podcast | February 05, 2023
It’s been way too long since there’s been an episode. So, let’s get back at it. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.
Blog Oklahoma 571
Newsletter | December 28, 2022
A small change is coming. I’m not planning to mirror the newsletter here on the blog anymore. ...
Blog Oklahoma 572
Vlogs | December 24, 2022
Spent a chilly Christmas Eve visiting my brother’s family at their farm.
Blog Oklahoma 570
Newsletter | December 14, 2022
Well, it’s official now. Revue is shutting down. On January 18, 2023, the service will be no more. <
Blog Oklahoma 569
Newsletter | December 12, 2022
It has been foggy all day today. Everything is damp and you can barely see across the street. ...
Blog Oklahoma 568
Newsletter | December 05, 2022
Did you have a good Thanksgiving break?