Sounds from the Sty

Sounds from the Sty was created to bridge the gap between you and the Oklahoma Pork Council, Oklahoma agriculture, and the pork industry. We want you to have the opportunity to ask questions, see what we do on a daily basis, and be familiar with our promotions. The Oklahoma Pork Council is a producer organization consisting of pork producers throughout Oklahoma. We represent the interests of all pork producers. Through federally collected Checkoff monies we are able to promote pork and pork products, fund research, and educate consumers and producers about the pork industry. Also, we are able to provides consumers with current food safety information, nutritional value, and preparation tips for pork products. This includes recipes, cookbooks, educational materials for classrooms and promotional materials. OPC also provides producers with the latest research regarding management practices, nutrition needs of swine, odor management, nutrient material, and educational programs dealing with other producer concerns.


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