My name is Lindsey, I always have the loudest laugh in the room and I am brilliant at being lost most of the time, I do a killer Cher impression and I can normally be found somewhere making fun of myself. I thought I had it all figured out a few years ago, sitting in my one room apartment, little dog and fancy cocktail hour high up in the big city of Tulsa until a tall handsome slice of southern gentleman came and turned my whole world upside down. A story book romance (that isn’t always perfect) one cabin, five acres, six animals and one huge culture shock later.....this is my life. The senseless ramblings and occasional “how-tos” of a former city gal Tulsan turned country gal…..oh the things we do for love. These are my tales of woe and triumph and all things comical as I try relentlessly to navigate through what makes me the happiest.

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