Drug Policy Reform Network of Oklahoma


Drug Policy Reform Network of Oklahoma is the political branch of the Drug Policy forum of Oklahoma. Working for drug peace,not drug war!! Coming from a state where a family man, Will Foster, was initially sentenced to prison for 93 years and fined $65,000 after growing marijuana to treat his arthritic pain, the Drug Policy Forum of Oklahoma (DPFOK) is a group of concerned citizens seeking to open up for discussion alternatives to current drug policy. We believe that the attempt to use the criminal justice system to discourage drug abuse or the so called “war on drugs” has backfired. It simply does not work, and the unintended consequences are now causing more damage to society than the drugs themselves could ever have caused. For too long this critical issue has been obscured by myth, misinformation and an absence of intelligent debate. Our intent is that the information made available will increase the level and quality of the debate so that citizens may be in better positions to affect change toward a sane drug policy. Changes in drug policy that the DPFOK believes to be desirable can be found at the DPFOK Mission page. Also DPFOK calls for a Drug War Truce with Peace Negotiations. Public meetings are occasionally held. Browse the DPFOK Speaker List for a viewing of guests from previous meetings.here.http://dpfok.org


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