Fancy Buffalo

A "blogazine" featuring a collection of life & style inspiration and written from the Great Plains. Each week, I share things in my dreams, from fashion to home/garden to random inspirations around Oklahoma. The name “Fancy Buffalo” is a nod to my own life of contradiction. I am a girl who grew up in small-town Oklahoma, but really “grew up” when I moved to the big city of Chicago. I’m a girl who works in the fast-paced world of sports journalism, yet operates a handmade skin care business on the side. I am a girl who can’t shed my youthfulness, yet I adore being an independent adult. In a way, I feel like mine is actually the life of a “fancy buffalo.” And I feel like this little blog is a place where the best of both my worlds, chic and practicality, come together as one. I really think everyone has a little fancy buffalo in their soul… each one of us is unique and eccentric in our own way.


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