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03/30/2017 09:14 AM — A short video of the sunrise on Thursday, March 30, 2017 at 7:30 AM in Elk City, Oklahoma. Good morning, Oklahoma.

Web Ring Spring Cleaning and Website Updates

03/20/2017 10:36 AM — The semi-annual web ring spring cleaning is now finished. It's something that really needs to be done more regularly, but I just kept putting it off. Sorry about that. It's quite time consuming to visit each and every blog we have listed. I started last Wednesday to check on all 912 blogs we had registered and finished late Friday afternoon. ...

Using Legacy Software to Write

03/20/2017 08:53 AM — Some people are using legacy software to do their writing. What do you use?

New Member - Okie History

03/17/2017 02:54 PM — Okie History focuses on Oklahoma history. I research different areas for great stories to tell.

New Member - Redbud

03/17/2017 11:36 AM — Redbud is a DIY and lifestyle blog based out of Norman, OK.

Old www links issue - Fixed!

03/16/2017 12:53 PM — We had an issue with the old www address not redirecting properly. It's fixed now.

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