The 4-Crow's

The 4-Crow's is the blog that tells the day to day operations of the Crow's Nest and the 4 Crow's that live/fly in and out of it constantly! Very fitting for our flittering about in 100 jillion directions during the week! Sports, volunteering, d ...


The Lady Okie Blog

The Lady Okie is a lifestyle blog about a girl from the Chicago suburbs who moved to Oklahoma and married an Okie. He's a mild-mannered electrician, and she's an extroverted editor who loves to run, cook, and craft.


The Localmalcontent

Welcome To My Mind's Playground. Enjoy your time while you are here. Why not leave your comments please, if you take the time to wander through? Watch out for any rough or sharp edges along the way.


the marriage of an undomestic

This is the place I chronicle my life as a wife of 2.5 years, foodie, writer, aspiring runner, and sinner saved by grace. It's about discovering what I'm passionate about, learning from my mistakes, and living and loving intentionally.


Tulsa Food Blog

Tulsa restaurants casually reviewed by normal everyday people who live to eat.


Twenty-Five Plus

A place to share my thoughts, likes, dislikes, and anything food or automobile related with others.


Vegging out in T-Town

I started this blog to talk about food. I love food. I love eating it, making it, thinking about it, and writing about it. I’m a big fan of other meat-free food bloggers, so I thought I should join in the fun. The goal of this little place is to ...


Writing, Reading, and Eating!

A fascinating account of writing, reading, and eating. Kristine Duffey/Holli Hagan-Rice is an aspiring writer who likes to read and cook!


Yes, Little Hummingbird?

Writing and Photographing my way through life on a singular mission: Adventure, Growth, and the perfect cup of Tea.