Straight Shooter

My blog is a place for all the crazy thoughts, stories and opinions crashing together in my brain to find a resting place. I'm the mother of two Crumb Snatchers (boy almost 10 and girl 8) and wife to Big Shooter who is a recent Cancer Survivor.


Team Taylor

Family friendly, mommy blog showcasing life as a working mom of two littles. Married for 14 years and real enough to know that marriage is the hardest thing I've ever done. :)


TGIF: Thank God I'm Female

Good ol' fashion columns about Oklahoma journalism, growing up Okie, daily activities, experiences, daily Bible verses, photos from family to weather to travel.


The Daily Bitch

Brain soup for the dysfunctional soul. More fun than a sackful of squashed asses.


The Southern Family

Tales of a Southern drama from a Southern Mama


Three to a Room

Bigger isn't always better and less really is more. Follow my family's honest journey as we try to navigate our way to a minimalistic lifestyle in a materialistic world.


Wordy Owl

I'm a stay at home mommy to my beautiful two year old son and wife and bossaholic to my husband, Jason.