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This is not for you...

I was born in New England in the 1970's and raised in the southern United States. I am a Firstborn son with four siblings. I am the Husband of Candace and the Father of Gaelynn and Israel. I have few friends and fewer enemies. I am a ...


Three to a Room

Bigger isn't always better and less really is more. Follow my family's honest journey as we try to navigate our way to a minimalistic lifestyle in a materialistic world.


Tumbl With WhiskeyChick

This is my personal blog which shares pictures, articles and family updates as I prepare to move my home, business, and entire family to Northeastern Oklahoma in the summer of 2009



The Word of God is not bound..are you?


unlocking doors

Unlocking Doors is a co-authorship blog between myself, Shelley, and my husband James. Last year, our youngest child was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Having a child with Autism is both a challenge and an adventure. As you can see, ...


What a Webb We Weave

A day in the life of a Webb


Who's There?

I am a Christian, a professional Artist, and a wife. I love to garden, paint, knit, cook, and serve God.


Yogi's Den

A personal blog of my life at home. Many photographs