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Oklahoma native Rob O'Hara shares old and new stories about living in Oklahoma, Heavy focus on technology, entertainment, collecting, writing, family, and nostalgia.


Mari's Virtual notebook

This one time, when a 40-something mom in central Oklahoma started a blog and wrote about parenting, music, politics, religion, opinions, pop culture and just about everything in between? This happened.


Ruminations of a Red Dirt Hussy

Ruminations on reading, writing, teaching, and the random ridiculosity of life.


From The Ranch Pen

Blogging about ranch and farm life, faith, family and other stuff


Poem Cache

Poem Cache combines poetry and treasure. Search for poem caches in Oklahoma and enjoy the hunt, the poems, and the scenery. Poem Cache is a side project of the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry.


Very Novel

I started this blog with some urgent questions: How do professional writers make a living? What does it take to publish a novel? When is the right time to take the risk of becoming a “writer” or the further risk of writing a novel? Where ca ...


Writing, Reading, and Eating!

A fascinating account of writing, reading, and eating. Kristine Duffey/Holli Hagan-Rice is an aspiring writer who likes to read and cook!


The Thrifty Writer

The Thrifty Writer is a blog about learning to live on less. After taking a nearly 70% pay cut and moving to Oklahoma to follow her dream, the Thrifty Writer is sharing her secrets to living well on a lot less.


Steven E. WEdel

Blog of Oklahoma author Steven E. Wedel. I talk about writing, publishing, and anything else that strikes my fancy.