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This Creative Mind

A DIY, home decor, and woodworking blog. I want to show women how to properly and safely use tools when they're working on their DIY projects.



A blog and podcast about food and life in Oklahoma.


Oklahoma High School Sports Forum

New home for discussions about Oklahoma high school sports. Talk Football, Baseball, Basketball, and more. #okpreps


The History Exchange

Personal blog/web site for research on mostly Oklahoma history.


Craigslist Garage Sales — OKC

Craigslist, DIY & Garage Sale tips and resources to help you find and buy what you want for LESS; Sell what you don't for MORE and MAKE THE MOST of what you have! Check out our City-Wide and Neighborhood Garage Sale Calendar!


The Diabetic Kitchen and Cook

I blog from Oklahoma City. My blog is about cooking for Type 2 Diabetes, and features recipes, strategies, cooking techniques, and encouragement for people who are wanting to learn more about cooking for the diabetic lifestyle. My motto is Diabe ...


Spoon Vision

Radical Social Justice in Oklahoma Public Education


Yes, Little Hummingbird?

A site about anything and everything- from Homemaking to Gardening, Tea, Food, Health,Travel, and love.


Being Becoming

Blog pertains to forthcoming book "Being Becoming: Integrative Theory". This is an interdisciplinary site for readers interested in the relationsihp between Ontology, Healthcare and other venues relatvant for spiritual, intellectual psychologic ...