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Yes, Little Hummingbird?

A site about anything and everything- from Homemaking to Gardening, Tea, Food, Health,Travel, and love.


Being Becoming

Blog pertains to forthcoming book "Being Becoming: Integrative Theory". This is an interdisciplinary site for readers interested in the relationsihp between Ontology, Healthcare and other venues relatvant for spiritual, intellectual psychologic ...


Wander Radio Productions

An entertaining (hopefully) variety show, really I don't know what I am going to cover from time to time


Life in Altus

A blog based source of independent local information for City of Altus residents, Altus AFB airmen, and military spouses.


Julia Harmon, Bookwoman: Notes from the Margins

We believe that books and reading can change the world, that they can improve our personal and collective lives and that our personal stories are among the greatest gifts we can leave for those we love.


A Tulsa-based lifestyle blog that focuses on travel, lifestyle, and gluten-free entertaining for modern women. With an emphasis on activities and gluten-free dining in Tulsa, the blog also features travel guides, shopping lists and more. My missi ...


JANDA Bend Quilts

JANDA Bend Quilts is a new quilting business in Cherokee County, Oklahoma. I teach quilting workshops, design quilts, and write about the quilting life in my blog.



Redbud is a DIY and design blog based out of Norman, OK.


Okie History

Okie History focuses on Oklahoma history. I research different areas for great stories to tell.