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Ramblings of a creative mind unleashed

I'm a christian, an Oklahoman, a caretaker of a dad with Alzheimer's, a communications director for an international missions ministry, a wife, a mom, an artist, a closet beauty queen and comedian. I look at life through my own weirdness and most ...


Ritzywife's Thoughts

A place to deal with Ritzy's deployment to Iraq in 2007-2008 and now it has become a place to vent my daily frustrations.


the mlstu blog

Started as a culture blog, the mlstu blog now covers life as a newlywed, newly moved to Oklahoma. I write about my observances on life, culture, and art.


You, Me and Norma Jean

I am a new mama and young professional living and playing in OKC. My blog documents the life of me, my husband, our baby boy and our golden retriever... Norma Jean.