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Common sense political commentary for the common good of Oklahoma City.


Countrified Hicks

A blog about the simple life. Homesteading. Frugal living. Self-sufficient. Sustainability. Homeschooling. Farm Life. Cooking. Canning. Baking. Recipes. Tips & Tricks. Family Life. You will also find tips on prepping and becoming a prepper. We ou ...



This blog is my place to talk about my own efforts at living efficiently and ethically, the cool people and businesses around me who do the same thing, and to generally muse.


Ever Change Productions

Ever Change Productions is all about bringing positive change into focus. Our blog focuses on ways to bring positive change into the community, special events that are making the community better, and we also focus on sustainable developments t ...


Peak Oil Hausfrau

Oklahoma City Mom gardens, permacultures, promotes Transition Town OKC, and generally prepares for life after peak oil.