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Just Flip The Dog

A personal blog from a long-time journalist filled with questions of "why" and "how come." You'll meet the Little Black Dress and the Sons of Thunder along the way, and hopefully learn sometimes we need to just flip the dog. You never really know ...



This blog is about my family, friends, feelings, and some in-depth and not so in-depth thoughts that run through my mind. More importantly to me are the observations regarding the journey that I'm on to know God better.



A fun quirky real estate blog. It highlights home sometimes wacky life as a super tall Mr. Fix-It/ Accountant husband...craft projects etc..inspirational stories etc.


Stuff I Tell My Sister

Everyday normal stuff, some days NOT so normal stuff, that sisters would share. You never know WHAT you might have to tell your sister.


The Localmalcontent

Welcome To My Mind's Playground. Enjoy your time while you are here. Why not leave your comments please, if you take the time to wander through? Watch out for any rough or sharp edges along the way.