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Christophe's Music Blog

Blog and s about Christophe, an Oklahoman musician that travels around and plays a mix of Outlaw Country and Hardcore Punk. As well as playing in local Oklahoma based Metal, Punk and Hip-Hop bands.


Moonlight Farm

Dirt road politics and philosophy.



Hello Oklahoma City Metropolitan area! My name means “Overly Curious” and that I am! I have secret shopped, I have sent out invitations and now we are working on the Nosey Parker Guidebook for OkC Metro Area – from Norman to Edmond and everywhe ...


On Pilgrimage in Oklahoma City

Commentary on current events informed by the world view of the Catholic Worker movement and the social justice teachings of the Catholic Church.


Pax Plena

Random musings from an armchair pundit.


Technology for Small Businesses

I blog about technology (mainly web) and the tools that I've used or want to use. I try to relate my findings from the small business person's viewpoint, i.e. what will it do to help me be more productive, will this save me time or make me money? ...