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It's An Orange Life

Observations of life in Stillwater, Oklahoma.


Okie Mom Confessions

Just random blogging from a local Okie mom who has completely lost her mind at times.......


Pax Plena

Random musings from an armchair pundit.


Pearls And Dreams

Long time blogger. Blogging about life with family, faith, chronic illness (lupus and Myasthenia gravis and more) but mostly about my return to school in the fall of 2008 ... with a goal of getting off disability and helping families struggling t ...


South to Stilly-- My Stillwater, OK journal

South To Stilly documents a student's journey from the Nation's Capital to the capital of cowboys. Moving from the city where history happens, South to Stilly tries to find fun in the haystacks (literally). (It's a personal journal of satire, rea ...


Stef's Crazy Life

It's about me, about my life, about my (mis)adventures. I have family and friends here, so Oklahoma will be in here no matter what. This is a new version of my old blog Mi Vida Loca, so go check it out. It's still a work in progress, just like it ...


Temple: A Quaint Country Town in Southern Oklahoma

Blog was started to replace the lost newspaper, the Temple Tribune. The Tribune folded in the 1970s and I tried to revive it a couple of years ago, but couldn't get past the first year. The blog is about current events in Temple and Cotton County ...


News and Info from Welch, OK. All Welch. All the time.