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My blog is about the life of man in Oklahoma and the way I see the world. The site features rants on women, politics, religion and whatever else has me fired up.


Oklahoma Lefty

I write a blog that deals with politics, religion, music, and pop culture.


Rambln' Educat

Rod Paige and Phyllis Schlafly call my colleagues and I educrats. Blend such a derogatory term with the magic of Disney, and I have transformed the label. I'm here, I teach for the State, Get used to it.


Scattered & Lame

For all who are broken.


Shepard of Peace

Shepard of Peace, Freedom and Tolerance for all Activism, Dreams, News, Poetry, Politics, Religion In support of mother earth.


Stories from the Road

Stories from the Road is a blog featuring commentary on politics, religion, science, and society, vignettes about growing up in rural America, and stories from my travels in America and abroad -- all through the eyes of a meteorology graduate stu ...


The Better Half

Proud, Flag waiving, Conservative, Christian, Gun-Totin', American, with an attitude and opinions on life.


This is not for you...

I was born in New England in the 1970's and raised in the southern United States. I am a Firstborn son with four siblings. I am the Husband of Candace and the Father of Gaelynn and Israel. I have few friends and fewer enemies. I am a ...