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Alternative Tulsa

News and Views for Tulsa's Reality-Based Community


aRdent Voice

Observations on the world around us, and sometimes on the ones within us



Michael Bates is a neighborhood activist and software engineer from Tulsa. Local politics are the heart of the blog, but music, faith, family, travel, and whimsy all have a place there as well.



Common sense political commentary for the common good of Oklahoma City.


CajunTechie's Mindstream

Mindstream is a Tumblog where I will share interesting pictures, video, audio, and text on all sorts of different topics. It really will live up to it's slogan of 'random thoughts on random things by a random guy'.


care for my opinion?

"care for my opinion" is a blog that features opinions on music , movies, politics, culture and life in general.



Just stuff, sometimes political


Devilish Details

Where I go to gather my thoughts and to share a few of my own about work and the ups and downs of trying to get a business started.