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Curious, with a sense of adventure and an autodidact, Olivier loves new challenges. Native French and married to an Iranian woman, he is multicultural and open-minded. Because humanity is such a multi-faceted diamond, he likes to give another po ...



A blog about a 40's Filipino Irish woman living in Norman with her husband and 3 adopted children. Lots of adventures and cool pics (occasionally)... Come join us and see what we're up to in Normantown!



Hello Oklahoma City Metropolitan area! My name means “Overly Curious” and that I am! I have secret shopped, I have sent out invitations and now we are working on the Nosey Parker Guidebook for OkC Metro Area – from Norman to Edmond and everywhe ...


OMG, Have You Tasted This?

This is a food blog written by cookbook author Jen Elsner.


Postcards from The Web

Musings from veteran storyteller Brent Weber. In his fourth decade as a professional journalist, writer and performer, Brent Weber has worked as a network correspondent and anchor, local sports and news talent and producer, author, and educato ...


Rick Boyne writes about life in God's country and family happenings. This little corner of BlogTown promises to always leave the light on for you!