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Casa De Boudreaux

Just my little spot on the web to rant about stuff. I'm not consistent about when I post, just when I feel like posting.


Farrill Fun

About my life in college and geocaching.


Massahoma, Oklachusetts

A man from Oklahoma, a woman from Massachusetts, a boy from Oklachusetts. Where the great plains meets the Cape, where Okie grit meets Yankee resolve, where red and blue make purple, Oklachusetts reflects on parenting, cities, poetry, politics, a ...


Tea With Dee

I'm a hippie married to a pirate.


The Home Creations Blog

Home Creations is Oklahoma’s #1 new home builder. In business since 1981, and with over 20 communities throughout the Oklahoma City metro area, the Tulsa area, and Lawton, we have our fingers on the pulse of the new home buying industry in Oklah ...


Work in Progress

My blog is currently a collection of my thoughts on daily things that happen in my life or about my travels with my camera. I sometimes post some of my artwork or photography as well.