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I am a web and graphic designer at iThemes Media and a weekend freelance designer. I just finished my last semester as an advertising and marketing student at Oklahoma State University. Not quite sure what I’m headed for in the future: adve ...


Goodwin Social Media

This is a blog about social media and how a small to medium sized business is able to implement social media into their content marketing strategy. The objective is to show the small mom and pop stores that social media can help them grow a commu ...


Livin' on Tulsa Time

Texas native living in Tulsa. Marketing/PR professional using this blog as my attempt at sharing what’s on my mind. Some is professional, some is personal, but it’s all real.


Tumbl With WhiskeyChick

This is my personal blog which shares pictures, articles and family updates as I prepare to move my home, business, and entire family to Northeastern Oklahoma in the summer of 2009


Very Novel

I started this blog with some urgent questions: How do professional writers make a living? What does it take to publish a novel? When is the right time to take the risk of becoming a “writer” or the further risk of writing a novel? Where ca ...