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A Nest With A View

Views from a biologist, creator and seeker...


chris abbott's blog

I'm a transplant to Oklahoma, choosing to make my home on 5 acres near OKC. I blog about knitting, gardening, and whatever crops up in life.


One Acre Homestead

This site is meant to chronicle our efforts at becoming a more self-sufficient family in a suburban environment.


Plains Girl

Random thoughts from the Heartland--just a little of this, a little of that . . . .


Sew Chic

Mother and married daughter living an hour apart in Oklahoma, we both enjoy sewing, crafting, and spending time with our families.


Spinning a Yarn: Orchid's Knit Spot

This is a site about my knitting, spinning, and other craft endeavors here in Oklahoma.



Random thoughts, ideas and stories about a thirty something girl originally from Oklahoma but now living life on the East Coast.