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All Along the Hightower

Humorous snippets...I would like to think they are humorous...of my dumbass Okie life.



Composed of contradictions and subject to change without notice


Decisionally Challenged

Confessions of tweens teens roots and wings-a peek inside our crazy life



Everyone has stories, insights, opinions and observations. The Dotopotamus is where I share mine. My hope is that others will share theirs. I live in Oklahoma City.


Everyone Has A Story

A blog about my journey through life -- drug addictions, cheating husbands, outlaw motorcycle gangs, divorce, surviving sexual abuse, and other random stuff, and the dark humor that can only be born in the deepest dungeons of an abused child's mi ...



Blogging about whatever comes to mind. Mostly about daily life or what I see in the news that I feel the urge to write about. I may post some of my art as I work on it and I really love photography so most likely if possible there will be picture ...


Have Spork, Will Travel

A blog about food, travel, and life. Part test kitchen, part travelogue, all injected with pinch of humor and a dash of me.


Heather's House of Blog

Can you say "random?" The blog previously located on Weebly has now moved to In simple terms, the entries in this blog are nothing more than the strange observations and thoughts I encounter on any given day. Come on in to Heather's ...