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Granola Catholic

Blogging about the adventures of a crunchy granola type mom and family who happen to be Catholic.


Green Oklahoma

Green Oklahoma's mission is to help connect Oklahomans to local green businesses, with the purpose of helping make Oklahoma a greener and better place to live. The hope we have for Green Oklahoma is that it will become your go-to site for all thi ...


Ponca City Green Parenting

News and information about green parenting in and around Ponca City, Oklahoma


Tea With Dee

I'm a hippie married to a pirate.


The Organic Noob

A complete idiot tries to figure out the old ways of organic lawn & garden care.



A Maryland native and daughter of the DC 'burbs, I've given up a deadline-driven office life to work from home on the prairie in Oklahoma. Now that I'm freelancing, I'm taking time to pursue other life goals such as being a full-time mother, an a ...



Random thoughts, ideas and stories about a thirty something girl originally from Oklahoma but now living life on the East Coast.