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A Moxie Mom

I love life. I am an optimistic person with a heart for God. I am so thankful to have an incredible husband and two beautiful babies. I am excited to see where God will lead me because I am definitely enjoying the journey. This blog is about e ...


A Scrappy Design

A thirty-something gal blogging about the handmade movement, things I'm working on, marriage, family & other randomness.


Gilligan n Maryanns Island

just my lil blog spot with my daily blog and being from OK I thought this would be something fun


Go Mommy Go!

I am a wife, mother, and part-time librarian. I spend my days trying to keep my kids, and hopefully myself, entertained. I am always on the lookout for fun and inexpensive activities to do with my kiddos. I love to read and cook and do my best ...


jack of all t(i)rades

20-something East Coast transplant, learning all I can about Oklahoma and it's amazing people. Rants about politics, terrible drivers, and other rage-inducing occurences not infrequent. Talks about apartment life, our road to homeownership, amazi ...


Let's Abra-Ka Do This

I genuinely believe..."Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller All things marriage, motherhood, career, food, family, and friends :) These are the things that make up my l ...


Perfect Insanity

This is the blog I am using for my Blogging for Journalists class with Dr. Terry Clark at UCO. It's my life, my interests, my opinion about anything and everything...and my musical obsessions as well. Who knows where this will's the roa ...


Stef's Crazy Life

It's about me, about my life, about my (mis)adventures. I have family and friends here, so Oklahoma will be in here no matter what. This is a new version of my old blog Mi Vida Loca, so go check it out. It's still a work in progress, just like it ...