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All Trails Lead Home

Oklahoma blog featuring self-help, do-it-yourself learning and opinions. The Monday Recipe blog showcases Okie dishes and the Friday Dog Blog makes stars out of cute pooches.


ARF Tulsa

A fun place for animal lovers in the Tulsa area and beyond. Our blog is dedicated to animal rescue, animal rescue events and fuzzy lovin'.


Australian Shephoarder

Canines, Equines, Felines and Kid Whines.


Black Fox Homestead

We're a family of two building a homestead on an acreage in rural Oklahoma.



Various summaries about numerous subjects ranging from veterinary medicine to political viewpoints. Articles and photographs. A journalist at heart, I don't pretend to have all the answers... just a whole lot of questions.


Flea's World

A Tulsa mom blogging about life, kids, marriage ... and ceramic cows.


Following Paw Prints

My most important lessons I have learned from my dogs. I hope I can begin to fill the prints they left - and continue to leave - for me to follow.



Ramblings of a crazy, funny hautemama of 2 little ones


Journey in Words--Journey Inwards

Journey in Words explores the journeys made in and through Oklahoma and in and through an Okie's life.