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Casa De Boudreaux

Just my little spot on the web to rant about stuff. I'm not consistent about when I post, just when I feel like posting.


Red S Tater News and Views

Red Stater News and Views according to Red S Tater


Rick Boyne writes about life in God's country and family happenings. This little corner of BlogTown promises to always leave the light on for you!


The Better Half

Proud, Flag waiving, Conservative, Christian, Gun-Totin', American, with an attitude and opinions on life.


The Localmalcontent

Welcome To My Mind's Playground. Enjoy your time while you are here. Why not leave your comments please, if you take the time to wander through? Watch out for any rough or sharp edges along the way.


The Musings of a Muskogee Politico

An Okie from Muskogee's take on politics and news, with a dash of classical music.


This is not for you...

I was born in New England in the 1970's and raised in the southern United States. I am a Firstborn son with four siblings. I am the Husband of Candace and the Father of Gaelynn and Israel. I have few friends and fewer enemies. I am a ...