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Blog on the Christian life


God Thoughts From Oklahoma

This is a stroll through the Old Testament. It will include Bible studies as I read through the Old Testament books. I will occasionally wander down rabbit trails for discussions about the points these topics bring to the surface.



This blog is about my family, friends, feelings, and some in-depth and not so in-depth thoughts that run through my mind. More importantly to me are the observations regarding the journey that I'm on to know God better.


TGIF: Thank God I'm Female

Good ol' fashion columns about Oklahoma journalism, growing up Okie, daily activities, experiences, daily Bible verses, photos from family to weather to travel.


Three to a Room

Bigger isn't always better and less really is more. Follow my family's honest journey as we try to navigate our way to a minimalistic lifestyle in a materialistic world.



The Word of God is not bound..are you?