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Adventures In Aspergers

A blog about the crazy life & adventures of a 29 year old father of three sons. The oldest of whom has Asperger's Syndrome. Between working 48 hour shifts on the ambulance, keeping up with the growing business at our photography studio, & keeping ...


Brain Posts

I am a physician interested in clinical neuroscience. The blog is used to provide commentary on recent research findings. The blog supplements my Twitter posts @WRY999 where I keep a log of my neuroscience reading.


unlocking doors

Unlocking Doors is a co-authorship blog between myself, Shelley, and my husband James. Last year, our youngest child was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Having a child with Autism is both a challenge and an adventure. As you can see, ...


Yogi's Den

A personal blog of my life at home. Many photographs