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Three Pirates mom

I am a student, a poet, a free-thinking-question-asker, a wife, and a mother (just to name a few.) Things found here portray the thoughts and ideas of this very proud Mom of Three Sperry Pirates....................... "And remember, my sentimenta ...


Busy Busy Mommy

I am a busy mommy with a wonderful hubby two great kids one of whom has special needs, I am involved in lots of stuff and am just a mom juggling lots of balls in the air.


Ramblings of a creek county redneck housewife and mom

just me... rambling about whatever comes into my head or the world around me at the time. updated weekly, usually sunday afternoon.


moms are for everyone!

the ramblings of a young, frazzled mother. (consider yourselves warned).


Okie Mom Confessions

Just random blogging from a local Okie mom who has completely lost her mind at times.......


from chaos to Grace

It's the blog about LIFE, about FAITH and TRUSTING GOD. It's the blog about being a Mom and working full time from home, about photography, and what God is bringing us to next. About my growing faith in Christ. It's the humble blog about a family.



Mom, artist, crafter, instructor, teacher, teaching artist, toddler, pre-school.


A Moxie Mom

I love life. I am an optimistic person with a heart for God. I am so thankful to have an incredible husband and two beautiful babies. I am excited to see where God will lead me because I am definitely enjoying the journey. This blog is about e ...


Ramblings of a creative mind unleashed

I'm a christian, an Oklahoman, a caretaker of a dad with Alzheimer's, a communications director for an international missions ministry, a wife, a mom, an artist, a closet beauty queen and comedian. I look at life through my own weirdness and most ...