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The Daily Bitch

Brain soup for the dysfunctional soul. More fun than a sackful of squashed asses.



Various summaries about numerous subjects ranging from veterinary medicine to political viewpoints. Articles and photographs. A journalist at heart, I don't pretend to have all the answers... just a whole lot of questions.


Rocks In My Dryer

The sleep-deprived ramblings of a busy, saved-by-grace mom who does NOT have her act together.


But I Digress

The random musings of an Okie mother of four who juggles caring for her kids with her part-time jobs as a museum archivist and PTA president. I love my Sooners, Star Wars movies, the Muppets, and all things Disney!


Okie Mom Confessions

Just random blogging from a local Okie mom who has completely lost her mind at times.......


One Acre Homestead

This site is meant to chronicle our efforts at becoming a more self-sufficient family in a suburban environment.


Straight Shooter

My blog is a place for all the crazy thoughts, stories and opinions crashing together in my brain to find a resting place. I'm the mother of two Crumb Snatchers (boy almost 10 and girl 8) and wife to Big Shooter who is a recent Cancer Survivor.


Decisionally Challenged

Confessions of tweens teens roots and wings-a peek inside our crazy life


My Life - as a military wife

I am a born and raised Okie girl who married a soldier and have been moving around ever since. With all my family still in Oklahoma, it remains home to me and we all visit as often as we can.