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This is not for you...

I was born in New England in the 1970's and raised in the southern United States. I am a Firstborn son with four siblings. I am the Husband of Candace and the Father of Gaelynn and Israel. I have few friends and fewer enemies. I am a ...


Jill of All Trades

Just my thoughts on life and the happenings in my life in Oklahoma as a born and bred Okie.


Star Trek Fan Tumblr

Links, pictures, quotes, & videos posted by an Oklahoma Star Trek Fan.


Jenny Kate's Spot

A fun blog about life and all that's in it!


Not As Sweet As I Used To Be

A blog about adoption, transracial parenting, writing, scrapbooking, poetry, books, life.


Journey in Words--Journey Inwards

Journey in Words explores the journeys made in and through Oklahoma and in and through an Okie's life.


Chic Galleria Magazine

CHIC GALLERIA MAGAZINE is a highly respected DAILY online publication available free throughout the world. CHIC GALLERIA MAGAZINE has a diverse group of expert contributors focusing on our four main content areas: Style & Beauty, Arts & Entertain ...


Coffee with Clark

A taste of home, a journal of living, spiced with wit, an old-fashioned newspaper personal column, where metaphors and journalism and art are cross-bred with a curmudgeon.



olio: a collection of mixed themes an incongruous medley of motifs miscellany from various sources


The Post-Oklahoman

As a long-time former resident of the Sooner State, I still like to follow and occasionally write about the Oklahoma political landscape and music scene. Oklahoma's a big part of the midwest musical landscape, and also home to all kinds of stran ...