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My blog is a lifestyle outdoors blog. I blog about my life with my family and our Outdoor adventures. I post about our hunting, fishing, kayaking, and more. I homeschool my children and share those experiences on my blog.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast Schedule Update

Here we are at the last two months of the year. With this comes holidays, family events, lots of food, serious football, and a change in the podcast episode schedule. ...

New Member - Oak City Folk

A journey through DIY, parenthood, and adventures in our 70s era home.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 042: Personal Blogs and Social Media

In this week's episode we start a conversation on personal blogging and social media, a couple of important dates are coming up, and find out where I've been over the last few weeks. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

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I am a Bible-reading, coffee-drinking, mom of three blogging about #momlife, renovating an old farmhouse and learning to love life in a small town.

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Ever Change Productions is all about bringing positive change into focus. Our blog focuses on ways to bring positive change into the community, special events that are making the community better, and we also focus on sustainable devel ...

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This is a blog about social media and how a small to medium sized business is able to implement social media into their content marketing strategy. The objective is to show the small mom and pop stores that social media can help them gr ...

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 041: 2016 State Questions (Part 2 of 2)

I go over the next four of seven state questions that will be on the Oklahoma ballot this November 8th. Part 2 of 2. (SQ 780, 781, 790, 792)

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 040: 2016 State Questions

I go over the first three of seven state questions that will be on the Oklahoma ballot this November 8th. (SQ776, SQ777, SQ779)

2016 Oklahoma Voters Guide

... This nonpartisan voters guide, assembled by a partnership of Oklahoma nonprofits and news media, will help you decide how to vote on Nov. 8, plus show you which candidates and justices are on the ballot and answer basic questions about the general election. ...