Web Ring Spring Cleaning and Website Updates

Posted on Monday, March 20, 2017 10:36 AM by K. Latham

The semi-annual web ring spring cleaning is now finished. It's something that really needs to be done more regularly, but I just kept putting it off. Sorry about that. It's quite time consuming to visit each and every blog we have listed. I started last Wednesday to check on all 912 blogs we had registered and finished late Friday afternoon.

I removed any blog that was missing (404), redirected me to another website that wasn't a blog, the blog was set to private, the blog was ended by the publisher, the blog wasn't update after 2009, or the blog had been taken over by spammers or tried to publish malware.

I only flagged records as unlisted instead of deleting them out of the database. So if you think your blog was removed in error, just let me know and I can easily relist it.

I'm sad to say there were 2 blogs that had been hijack for malicious intent. One of those pushed a tech support scam that my malware detectors caught right away (info). Tip: watch your address bar when visiting websites. If it starts redirecting more than once kill that tab quickly. Always keep your antivirus and malware detecting software on and up to date.

Three other blogs were taken over by Chinese spammers. Not a euphemism, the sites where in full or partially in Chinese advertising things.

The other blogs I removed fell into the other categories I mentioned, mostly just no longer online.

After all that was done, as of March 20, 2017, Blog Oklahoma has 712 registered Oklahoma bloggers. Two of those are new and added just Friday. Yay!

Now on to other things.

I've already made few changes to the Blog Oklahoma and Blog Oklahoma Podcast websites. These are all code changes I've been wanting to do for some time. Over the next few days I'll be doing even more updates. So please stay tuned.

The biggest change so far was to the Blog Oklahoma front page. I've removed the blog slide show and changed it to a list with a few new sidebar items to highlight the web ring more.

I've switched audio players and I'm reorganizing the Blog Oklahoma Podcast website. I'm moving all the sub podcasts into the archives. So from now on only the main Blog Oklahoma Podcast will be highlighted.

Oh and speaking on that. Since I've missed the last few episodes of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast do to various reasons, I'm going to go ahead and take another week off to work on the websites. I dislike missing this many episodes, but I'm motivated to do the code work that really needs doing.

I'm still looking for podcast feedback. So please take a few moments and send me some at blogoklahoma.net/feedback. It will really help me out.

Well that's if for this update. More things to come real soon.