The #blogmonth challenge

Posted on Thursday, April 16, 2015 02:01 PM by K. Latham

The #blogmonth challenge is simple. Post something to your blog every day for an entire month. The overall goal is to write something. The #blogmonth challenge gives you an opportunity or an excuse to improve your writing skills and expand your creativity.

It doesn’t matter what you post. It could be a one paragraph family update; a dissertation on the environmental effects of blue cheese; a chapter from a short story about your big toe; a review of that movie you saw with that guy in it, you know that one guy from that thing; a top 10 list of your favorite ice cream toppings, or even the ever popular random cat picture with a clever caption of course. It just doesn’t matter. What matters is you have fun and write something.

Here are a few guidelines and suggestions.

Write and publish something every day for the entire month. I suggest you write the article on the day you post. You can work on other articles or ideas ahead of time, but please don’t post-date publish them. The spirit of this challenge is daily creativity and posting.

Feel free to plan ahead. Take the first day (or the day before) of the challenge to map out what you’re going to write about for the month. Create a simple list of topics. You can even go as far as scheduling what you’re going to write about and when. Or don’t plan at all. Take it as a real challenge and come up with something to write about right then and there.

I don’t suggest you do your creative writing directly into your blogging platform’s editor. You can, but do remember the last time you accidentally closed that tab and lost everything. I do suggest doing your writing in a word processor then copy and paste your work into your blogging platform’s editor. I’ll do most of my writing in Google Docs, but will often do work with Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer. Use what you’re comfortable with. In fact, you can use this challenge as an opportunity to learn how to use your word processor better.

Bonus Tip: CTRL-C, CTRL-V, CTRL-SHIFT-V, and CTRL-Z are your friends. Keep your hands on the keyboard. Format later.

Remember to tag your posts with #blogmonth to let every one know you've taken the challenge.

Podcasters and vloggers please feel free to take this challenge too. It should prove even more challenging to write, edit, encode, and publish something every day. (#podmonth, #vlogmonth)