Web Ring Clean Up [Completed]

Posted on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 02:21 PM by K. Latham

A big thank you to everyone who've helped keep our web ring up-to-date.

If you'd like to help, located near the bottom of each member's page (example) you'll find a small link that says:

Is this blog missing? Please let us know: Report This Blog

Just click on "Report This Blog", and let us know that blog is missing.

Some of these sites may have not been updated in years, but as long as the blog is still readable, there is no need to report it.

It's sad to say our registered Oklahoma bloggers count will go down over the next few days, but it's the whole point of Blog Oklahoma to get you, the reader, to those great Oklahoma blogs.

The semi-not-really-annual spring clean up has begun.

Update: We're not removing anyone's blog from the list, just flagging it unlisted. You can always request your blog to be re-listed.

UPDATE 4/17/15: Ouch! I had to remove 375 blogs from the web ring. These sites were unlisted because they weren't there anymore, redirected to some other non-blog site, were set private and not publicly viewable, majorly violated the membership rules in some way (only 2 bad actors there), or were taken over by the Chinese (no, that's not a joke).

If your blog was delisted and you still want to be a member of the web ring, just login and follow the directions shown.

I am happy to announce as of April 17, 2015, Blog Oklahoma has 878 registered Oklahoma bloggers. Yay!