Blog Oklahoma Podcast 043: Passwords

In this the first episode of year we talk about passwords, an update to, and the top 5 things I will probably do in 2017. ...

Let's Encrypt Blog Oklahoma

Good news everyone, we're now using https ...

New Episodes Coming Soon

Cleaning and testing out my podcasting equipment. The Blog Oklahoma Podcast returns soon. Watch for updates at and @blogoklahoma.

New Member - Three to a Room

Bigger isn't always better and less really is more. Follow my family's honest journey as we try to navigate our way to a minimalistic lifestyle in a materialistic world.

New Member - Industry Leaders

A blog about Oklahoma politics and other things.

Blog Oklahoma Bonus Playlist

The playlist consists of bonus musical selections by the hosts of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast. There is now well over 16 hours of music for you to enjoy at Spotify. ...

Friends+Me, cross-posting, and doing it another way.

Okay. It's done. I've canceled my Friends+Me subscription and disabled cross-posting from Google+. So from now on I'll be posting to each individual service. This way I can get more out of each service by dedicating a little more time to them. ...

New Member - Leen Cuisine

After years of carefully combing through cook books, writing down secret family recipes, and scouring backs-of-boxes, Leen Cuisine started up to make and review all of these cultivated recipes and share them with the world.

New Member - Akram's Ideas

Akram's Ideas is the personal blog of Akram Taghavi-Burris , who brings creative and crazy ideas to life. Akram's Ideas provides step-by-step tutorials, diy projects ,and inspiration to spark your creativity with a vintage flare. The g ...

[Encore] Blog Oklahoma Podcast: Another Christmas Special

This is an encore presentation from December 20, 2013, Blog Oklahoma Podcast: Another Christmas Special