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Looking for questions for a special Q&A episode of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast. Ask anything . Open to any blogging, podcasting, writing, Blog Oklahoma, or Oklahoma questions. If I can answer your question, it'll be part of a future Q&A episode.

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Blog Oklahoma Podcast 008: Look Up

Too many people are looking down at their phones. You can't walk along the street, stand in line at the grocery store, or even drive down the highway without seeing someone looking at their phone. Its gotten so bad you can't even have a conversation with some people, because they always playing with their phone. ...

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A site dedicated to a mix of unorthodox projects of the DIY type; Quick tips, howto's, home improvement, electronics, residential manufacturing, CNC, tools and product reviews, all just part of D'Bug's life.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 007: How I Podcast

Ever since I started the Blog Oklahoma Podcast there have been a few people ask me on how they could start their own podcast, and I’m always happy to share what I’ve learned. In fact I was just asked this again a few days ago. So I thought this would be a great topic to cover in this episode. So I’m going to share with you how I podcast.

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Miss Southern is a blog complied of my random thoughts, recipes, life lessons and the journey of my life as a southern miss. I am an Oklahoma raised city, chic, God fearing southern belle. Lover of baking, cooking, fashion, decorating, ...

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 006: My Yellow Jeep

My yellow Jeep has reliably gotten us where we needed to go for well over a decade. Well, that was up until it blew up last Tuesday

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 005: Of Comments and Gremlins

The one thing you should never do is read Facebook comments on politically charged news articles. Think of it as the same rule as not feeding your mogwai after midnight … for the exact same reasons!

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History and genealogy of the Seminole Tribe after removal to Indian Territory, now Oklahoma.