New Member - My Chair Spins

New Age Bionic Woman: Tell All My world is delicately balanced between being a parent, a professional, and having a life Life is absolutely not at all what I expected it to be and I’m not anywhere close to who I thought I would be by ...

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 013: Ad Blockers

The modern web browser is a great thing, especially now that you can install an add-on or a plug-in that lets you view the web the way you want to. Unfortunately though, we've come to a decision point for the modern web, between content creators and you the viewer. In this episode I'm going to talk a little bit about ad blocking.

Are you up for the #blogmonth challenge?

The #blogmonth challenge is simple. Post something to your blog every day for an entire month. The overall goal is to write something. The #blogmonth challenge gives you an opportunity or an excuse to improve your writing skills and expand your creativity.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 012: Web Dev Tools

I this week's episode I share some of the tools I use in web development.

Friendly Reminder: Web Ring Code Required

Before your Blog Oklahoma web ring membership is approved you must have the web ring code on your blog.

International Podcast Day, September 30, 2015 #PodcastDay

Help spread the word! International Podcast Day™ is dedicated to promoting Podcasting worldwide through education and public engagement. You may be asking, what can I do to help and what can I do to get involved on International Podcast Day? There are so many things we can do but first we must all Start The Conversation.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 011: Staycation

Have you ever had the desire to just stay home to just relax, be with the family, watch a lot of TV, and generally do nothing? I was lucky enough to have a few of those days during the Labor Day holiday.

New Member - A Building We Shall Go

The story of a Daddy's Rancher Girl and a Flower Boy who lost their home in a fire. Join us as we rebuild our lives, our home, our future and our world!

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 010: Snapchat

In this episode Kevin does a quick review of Snapchat.